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Newsletter November, 2015

Message from the Board

As you saw with our recent letter to all residents, we have experienced several recent leaks to units. Residents and Owners have been very patient and extremely helpful to get through these disruptive times. Insurance companies have been a challenge to work with but in the end, we have been successful getting coverage and/or reimbursement funds processed. A special thanks to Sabrina and our Engineering team to respond so quickly to these events.

Newsletter September 2015

Message from the Board

I hope you were able to join us for our annual Board meeting last month. We had a great turnout enjoying Hodad’s fine burger dining and your Board’s opportunity to re-cap the past year at la Vita. We had two Board positions up for re-election and the ballot turnout was the highest in several years. Thank you for your participation. Both Mark Onsurez and I were re-elected. On behalf of your Board, we look forward to serving la Vita going forward.

Let me share who our current Board members are;

Ken Henehan              President

Tom Cervello              Vice President

Joe Morra                     Treasurer

Newsletter June 2015

Message from the Board

You have noticed that we have several construction projects underway.  All of our projects are repairs responding to the building defects from our past law suit. The pool/spa activity is to correct drainage and water leak issues. As a result, we have the opportunity to dress up the pool decks and update the color scheme.

In both the mid-rise and tower, we have corrected a drainage problem that affected drain line plumbing lines of two units.

Specific to the tower, we continue the kitchen waste line replacement project that will continue well into 2016.

Newsletter May 2015

Message from the Board

We welcome Mark Onsurez!

My name is Mark Onsurez and I have lived in Southern California for nearly 10 years, with the last 6 being here in San Diego living in La Vita.

I have enjoyed being part of the Little Italy community and especially getting to know everyone here in La Vita. I look forward to serving on the board and helping to continue the strong sense of community that we have created.

Weekly Newsletter March 2015

Message from the Board

As 2015 moves forward, your Board continues to focus on la Vita’s improvement projects. Progress is evident in the towers waste line replacement project and soon we will start to correct/update our pool and spa area.

For those who attended our February open session Board meeting, you heard our current Board President, Luellen Reese, announce her resignation. We all want to thank Luellen and her husband Bill for their years of dedication to improving la Vita. Luellen and Bill have sold their home and wish us all the best, as we do them.

Weekly Newsletter January 2015

Message from the Board

2014 was a great year for La Vita. We moved forward with our construction phase of our settlement with the developer - completing several major corrections such as cooling towers for the tower and mid-rise, courtyard drainage and several plumbing issues. Our next projects will include the waste line replacement, pool area upgrade and several items that we have identified on our prioritization list. The majority of our settlement items will help assure that we have less frequent flood damage due to inadequate plumbing that creates major inconveniences as well as unbudgeted expenditures. Please support us during 2015 as we complete these projects as some will require access to our units.