Newsletter: March and April 2016

Message from the Board

We are well into 2016 and our improvement projects continue. In addition to our ongoing waste line activities, we are in the planning stage for painting the exterior of the tower. The contractor who painted the mid-rise has been selected to take us through painting the tower for the first time. We will keep you posted on the schedule to allow plenty of time to move items off our balconies.

The Board has sent all owners our recommended changes to our Rules Handbook. Some of the changes were aimed at making the rules match how our CC&Rs are worded, other modifications were to support feedback from residents over the past few years. Once approved, we will publish and send the new Handbooks. For owners that have tenants, your tenants will need to be supplied with a set of the new Rules.

Key areas that have been modified are:          

  • Fines for violations of our governing documents. We are trying to make our day to day behavior support our quality of life for us all
  • Guideline for the number of guests using our common areas and courtyard use updates
  • Pet noise
  • BBQ use. No open flames on exclusive use balconies (per fire code)
  • Vacation rentals
  • Handicap parking procedure
  • Personal trainers in our fitness room
  • What’s allowed on balconies
  • Plumbing leak responsibilities (HOA/Owners/Residents).

We have a new Preventative Maintenance software package that our Building Engineering team uses to maintain/replace our plumbing, electrical, water etc. infrastructure. Speaking of our Engineering team, please welcome Chris Malesza to La Vita. 
Recently, we had a vehicle stolen from our garage. Our change requiring us to FOB to open the gate meant the thief was unable to exit the garage. His panic resulted in several excellent photos. While he did eventually follow another resident out, we are hoping his panic will prevent him from returning. The police were pleased with the quality of the images we provided them. To continue to enhance our security system, we have approved additional cameras for all perimeter gate entrances and stairwells in the garage.

Continue to enjoy our improvements to La Vita. Some you can see and others are behind the scenes to keep us comfortable, safe and ever increasing our property values.

Ken Henehan - Board President