Newsletter November, 2015

Message from the Board

As you saw with our recent letter to all residents, we have experienced several recent leaks to units. Residents and Owners have been very patient and extremely helpful to get through these disruptive times. Insurance companies have been a challenge to work with but in the end, we have been successful getting coverage and/or reimbursement funds processed. A special thanks to Sabrina and our Engineering team to respond so quickly to these events.

The board has completed our budget for 2016. Our Utilities rates are increasing, most significantly, water will increase by 17%. We ask all residents to help conserve water and electric going forward. The Board has been investing in LED lights, efficient drive motors/pumps, irrigation etc. and we will continue to look for more cost cutting opportunities. Please help us by reviewing your Utilities consumption.

We will stop our construction activities for the holidays. The tower stack project will restart in January. Our fountain update will be completed before Thanksgiving so we will enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet. Thank you for your patience during the construction. We are making great progress to complete our settlement priority list.

There is no HOA meeting in December so I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and a Healthy and safe New Year.

Buon Natale and Felice Anno Nuovo

Ken Henehan

La Vita Board President


We need your help. We have all seen cars waiting near the garage gate and then suddenly slip in behind to follow you into the garage. Similar, when entering from any of the street entrances, people may be waiting near the door and then quickly follow you in. The Board has two requests. First, if anyone looks suspicious, don’t hesitate to call security. Second, if a resident asks you if you have a fob as you enter behind them at a street entrance, don’t react negatively, they are concerned residents and looking out for their and your security.

A new change will going into effect January 1st will require you to use your fob to exit the garage levels. Today, a sensor opens the gate automatically. It has been very easy for those looking to prowl the garage, or  to break-in or steal vehicles, to know they could easily exit.
We hope that this slight inconvenience to use your fob to exit will tighten our garage security.

Thank you in advance for your participation to enhance our La Vita security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Reminders

With the holidays approaching, are there special things we should know?

Yes! Holidays bring extra food and fun, along with special challenges! Please note the following:

  • Use your garbage disposals with care. Scrape plates or cooking utensils into a trash can first. Do not run any “grease” down the garbage disposal, or any highly fibrous foods. This will protect the plumbing and drains of everyone. 
  • Please break-down all boxes and take them to recycling bins on level 0 Midrise, or P1 in the Tower, and throw large items in the dumpsters. There are many deliveries and packages over the holidays, so please be mindful when putting large items down the trash chute.  
  • Ad deliveries increase, so do wandering eyes looking to take advantage of packages left unattended. Please be mindful and know that many companies offer alternative delivery options (i.e. Amazon Locker).

What about holiday decorations?

The acceptable time frame for holiday decorations is as follows:

  • Winter holidays: 5 days before Thanksgiving until January 10
  • Unless otherwise permitted, all holiday decorations must be displayed within the boundaries of your Unit or Exclusive Use Common Area (balconies and patios).
  • Wreaths or similar decorations on the hallway side of a Unit’s main entryway may be hung using non-penetrating over-door hooks only.  All holiday lighting must have a UL or comparable rating.  Outdoor lights must be designed for outdoor use.
  • Only artificial trees OR flocked fire retardant Christmas trees are permitted, as requested by the Fire Department. 
  • Christmas tree recycling instructions will be provided each December.
  • Do not dispose of Christmas trees in the trash chutes or dumpsters!

General Maintenance and Friendly Reminders

Angle Stops: Your board and property engineers strongly suggest that any old, or original, angle stops in your unit be replaced. These angle stops are now nearly 10 years old and were made of an inferior metal product.

Even if the angle stops can still be shut off, opened, or closed, the recommendation is that preventative maintenance indicates replacement.

You will find the angle stops at each toilet, under sinks (2 each), dish washer, washing machine, and ice maker.

Cleaning of Balconies & Patios: There has been an influx of complaints to the management office about water from balconies dripping (or pouring!) from balconies above.

Balconies must be cleaned with mops, or in such a way that water does NOT intrude on residents below. Also, if you have plants they must be on pans or trays to hold excess water. When you water your plants, please do so in such a manner that surplus water doesn’t overflow on to your neighbors.

Security Committee: The security committee will continue to hold opening meetings on a monthly basis to hear from homeowners or residents with concerns or suggestions. The meetings are on the first Monday of each month in the Meeting Room. 6:30-7:00pm. The next meeting is December 7