Newsletter September 2015

Message from the Board

I hope you were able to join us for our annual Board meeting last month. We had a great turnout enjoying Hodad’s fine burger dining and your Board’s opportunity to re-cap the past year at la Vita. We had two Board positions up for re-election and the ballot turnout was the highest in several years. Thank you for your participation. Both Mark Onsurez and I were re-elected. On behalf of your Board, we look forward to serving la Vita going forward.

Let me share who our current Board members are;

Ken Henehan              President

Tom Cervello              Vice President

Joe Morra                     Treasurer

Debbie Petruzzelli      Secretary

Mark Onsurez            Director

It appears everyone is enjoying our renovated pool/spa. Numerous “la Vitan’s” have taken advantage of our great summer weather at the pool. Please continue to help us avoid safety issues by not bringing glass to the pool. Recently we found broken glass around, and inside, the spa.

In the tower, our next waste line stack replacement has started. We will try to get two additional stacks completed before the holidays and then complete the project next year.

We are glad to see several residents volunteering for various committees. Thank you for your participation and we always have room for more help, so stop in and ask Sabrina how to get involved.

Enjoy the end of the summer and join us every third Tuesday for our monthly la Vita Board Open Session meeting. These are great opportunities to hear what is new in our la Vita community and to share any concerns and/or suggestions.

Ken Henehan

La Vita Board President

La Vita Website

We are in the early stages of establishing a website for la Vita. On this website you will be able to access governing documents (CC&Rs, Member Handbook, and Architectural Guidelines); find general la Vita information and FAQs; and newsletters and newsletter archives. Open Session Minutes and financial statements will be available on an Owner-only password protected page.

Until the website launches if you would like would to receive a copy of the Open Session Minutes, please email Sabrina at the Onsite Office, and the minutes will be sent to you.


Parking Garage

There has recently been an up-tick of vehicle break-ins…..that are not technically break-ins. Windows or doors are not being broken or smashed to gain entry.

Thieves are accessing the interior of vehicles by either unlocked doors or unlocked windows. In some cases vehicles interiors have been accessed by opening the sliding-style of rear window.

Please make sure that you lock your car doors, and secure your windows.

Please leave nothing of valuable in your vehicle. And, if possible, do not leave any items visible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Reminders

Where can we find the Rules & Regulations? Are they only for owners?

All owners should have copies of the Member Handbook (Rules & Regulations). We are hoping to have a digital version of the Handbook available on the upcoming website soon.

All residents (owners and/or tenants) must abide by the currant la Vita Rules & Regulations. These cover (but are not limited to): Common Area conduct (pool, courtyard, gym, BBQs, etc.); noise; pets; rental requirements (including short-term or vacation rentals); moving and deliveries; maintenance; Exclusive Use Common Area conduct (balconies and patios); parking, fine schedule; and much, much more!
Please make sure that you have a copy of the Handbook. Also, the Rules & Regulations required that each tenant or lessee is provided with a copy of the Handbook. If you use the services of a property manager, we strongly suggest that they also retain a copy of the Handbook. We encourage everyone – owners, tenants, and property managers – to familiarize themselves with the Handbook in order to maintain a harmonious quality of living at la Vita.

And a reminder that per the CC&Rs (7.14) the owners are at all times responsible for their tenant’s compliance. Fines that are incurred by any resident will be assessed to the owner of the unit.

I have some large items, or excess “stuff”. What should I do?
Did you know that we have storage units (cages) available to rent?!

Remember, items such as surf boards, bicycles, storage boxes, etc, cannot be stored on balconies. Bicycles can be stored in the bicycle rooms (remember to lock them up!) and other items must be inside you units, or in a storage unit. These storage areas are located on every floor in the garage, and inside some of the elevator lobbies.

Monthly rent for a unit is $50. Some units with restricted access (from vents, etc) may be available for a lower fee.

Also, as an FYI, please remember that wetsuits, towels, or other items cannot be stored on the balconies, or hung over the railings. 

General Maintenance and Friendly Reminders

Angle Stops: Your board and property engineers strongly suggest that any old, or original, angle stops in your unit be replaced. These angle stops are now nearly 10 years old and were made of an inferior metal product.

Even if the angle stops can still be shut off, opened, or closed, the recommendation is that preventative maintenance indicates replacement.

You will find the angle stops at each toilet, under sinks (2 each), dish washer, washing machine, and ice maker.

Cleaning of Balconies & Patios: There has been an influx of complaints to the management office about water from balconies dripping (or pouring!) from balconies above.

Balconies must be cleaned with mops, or in such a way that water does NOT intrude on residents below. Also, if you have plants they must be on pans or trays to hold excess water. When you water your plants, please do so in such a manner that surplus water doesn’t overflow on to your neighbors.

Balcony and Patio floor covering: In order to maintain the integrity of the water-proofing and allow airflow, floor coverings on balconies or patios cannot be permanently affixed with glues, or other such material. (Per Architectural Guidelines pages 49 & 54). There are “instant outdoor floorings” that use a tongue and groove assembly, and are temporary and removable, that has approval from the Architectural Committee. Please contact management with questions.

Security Committee: The security committee will continue to hold opening meetings on a monthly basis to hear from homeowners or residents with concerns or suggestions. The meetings are on the first Monday of each month in the Meeting Room. 6:30-7:00pm. Meeting dates for 2015 are:
October 5; November 2; December 7

Refrigerator Magnets: Stop in the management office to pick up a refrigerator magnet with a list of important telephone numbers