Weekly Newsletter March 2015

Message from the Board

As 2015 moves forward, your Board continues to focus on la Vita’s improvement projects. Progress is evident in the towers waste line replacement project and soon we will start to correct/update our pool and spa area.

For those who attended our February open session Board meeting, you heard our current Board President, Luellen Reese, announce her resignation. We all want to thank Luellen and her husband Bill for their years of dedication to improving la Vita. Luellen and Bill have sold their home and wish us all the best, as we do them.

Based on nominations from the Board, I have accepted the request to replace Luellen as President effective February 18, 2015. My previous role of Treasurer will be filled by Joe Morra.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in making la Vita a sought after building to live in. The Little Italy neighborhood continues to grow and prosper and la Vita is in the center of that development.


Ken Henehan

Plumbing, pool, and settlement repairs

Plumbing repairs are ongoing in the Tower. You will be contacted with details when your stack is scheduled.

Pool: We are currently getting bids to repair the pools drain, redo the pool deck, re-plaster the pool, replace the coping, and acid wash the Jacuzzi. We are striving to get these repairs completed before May.
In the interim, access to the pool and amenity room via the courtyard gate will be closed.

Pump: The Variable Frequency Drive Pump were installed March 3. This will result in a major energy savings for our la Vita Association.

Inside your units: Maintenance recommendations

Dryers: Remember to clean your topside dryer filters at least once per month. The filters are located in the ceiling above the dryer. Slide the plexi door out of the guides and clean the wire mesh. If your filter is damaged or needs replacing you can order them at:

reversomatic.com or call Anna or Meg at (941)-870-2320.  Door screen is model number 021175 associated with LT-180F. The price is $15.80 each and the shipping is approximately $10.00.

Is your dryer taking a long time to dry your clothes? If you have already cleaned your filter and your clothes are still taking a long time to dry you may need to have your ducts cleaned. Check for dampness or drips inside the washer area and/or your balcony vent. Look at the grill on your balcony vent. If there is obvious dryer lint you may need to have the ducts cleaned. Also check to make sure the fan is running. Signs of a non-working fan are damp areas in the washer/dryer closet.