Newsletter May 2015

Message from the Board

We welcome Mark Onsurez!

My name is Mark Onsurez and I have lived in Southern California for nearly 10 years, with the last 6 being here in San Diego living in La Vita.

I have enjoyed being part of the Little Italy community and especially getting to know everyone here in La Vita. I look forward to serving on the board and helping to continue the strong sense of community that we have created.

Let’s be Water-Wise!

San Diego will soon be under more mandatory water restrictions. Your la Vita board has instituted common area conservation measure including: reducing watering to allowed dates; reducing the hours the fountain runs; adding a variable frequency water pump.
Here are some water saving tips for homeowners and tenants:

In The Bathroom

Replace regular showerheads with low-flow showerheads. (Saves up to 230 gallons a week.)

Keep showers to five minutes or less using a low-flow showerhead. (Saves up to 75 gallons a week per person.)

Turn the water off while lathering-up in the shower. Then turn the water back on to quickly rinse. (Saves up to 75 gallons a week per person.)

Turn the water off while brushing your teeth or shaving. (Saves up to 35 gallons a week per person.)

Take shallow baths, no more than 3 inches of water. (Saves up to 100 gallons a week per person.)

Check toilets for leaks. Drop a dye tablet or a teaspoon of food coloring (avoid red) in the tank. If color appears in the bowl after 15 minutes, replace the "flapper" valve. (Saves up to 100 gallons a week for each toilet repaired.)

In the Kitchen

Hand wash dishes just once a day using the least amount of detergent possible. Use a sprayer or short blasts of water to rinse. (Saves up to 100 gallons a week.)

Run a dishwasher only with a full load. (Saves up to 30 gallons a week.)Scrape food scraps off dishes in the garbage can or rinse them off with very short blasts of water. (Saves up to 60 gallons a week.)

Rinse vegetables and fruits in a sink or a pan filled with water instead of under running water. (Saves up to 30 gallons a week.)

Run garbage disposer only on alternate days. (Saves up to 25 gallons a week.)

Around The House

Repair all leaky faucets and fixtures. (Can save more than 150 gallons for each leak.)

When doing the laundry, never wash less than a full load. (Saves up to 100 gallons a week.)

Building Engineer

KSH Services has introduced Keith Daniels as La Vita’s new Chief Building Engineer. He comes highly recommended and is very experienced. Look for Keith maintaining our common area equipment, and say hello!