Newsletter June 2015

Message from the Board

You have noticed that we have several construction projects underway.  All of our projects are repairs responding to the building defects from our past law suit. The pool/spa activity is to correct drainage and water leak issues. As a result, we have the opportunity to dress up the pool decks and update the color scheme.

In both the mid-rise and tower, we have corrected a drainage problem that affected drain line plumbing lines of two units.

Specific to the tower, we continue the kitchen waste line replacement project that will continue well into 2016.

Unfortunately, construction activities always come with physical interruptions and a great deal of noise. I want to thank everyone for your patience especially those residents who have had construction inside their units. We have a few additional items on our prioritization list that was recently mailed to all owners. Once we are done, our building will be fundamentally sound and we will have reduced the risk of floods that consume money that was not budgeted for without special assessments. We were very fortunate to have won our settlement with the developer to have funded all of these projects.

We will keep you updated and give you advanced notice as projects impact your building and/or unit.

Ken Henehan
La Vita Board President

Pool: The pool and spa repair is complete. We hope you are enjoying the updated, upgraded, and repaired facilities! The deck will be sealed in approximately 3 weeks to fully complete the process.

Important Telephone Numbers and NEW Security Numbers

Beginning JUNE 10 our new security company is ABM Security. Call la Vita Security on-site (619) 573-7674 or, if no answer, (619) 954-9015 (Field Supervisor) or the ABM 24-hour call center (858-503-3600) for non-emergency issues, such as loud parties and/or noise complaints, smoking in common areas (including balconies and decks), building concerns, improper move ins and move outs, and general issues that are not life threatening. (Please note telephone number changes! Reminders will be posted in the elevators.)

In the Mail

Recently you received a mailing with three very important enclosures.

Candidacy Letter: Are you interested in serving on the la Vita HOA Board of Directors?
There will be two open positions for this year. Fill out the candidacy form and return to the Onsite Management Office. Election will be held during the annual meeting, this year on August 18th. 

HVAC Inspection Letter: The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit(s) in each residence is connected to a building-wide system that circulates hot and cold water used to heat and cool each residence. Because a single inoperative HVAC unit can cause problems in other parts of the system, each HVAC unit must be inspected and serviced on an annual basis.

Prioritization Letter: We are moving forward with construction defect repairs. This letter lists which repairs are completed, which are in progress, and which will be scheduled. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Reminders

I have a major water leak or I can see water damage from another unit. What should I do?
The la Vita Board of Directors has instituted new water/flood related protocol:

During business hours call la Vita onsite office (619-239-1044)

After hour and weekend emergency procedures: please call APS at (619) 299-6899, press “5” and state your emergency.  A live person will call you back.

If no one calls you back, please call La Vita’s building engineers, Kenny at (619) 654-1110 or Keith at (619) 307-7523.

If you don’t get an answer please call La Vita’s guard at (619) 573-7674

A team has been assembled to address emergency water shut off in the building stacks. If the situation requires, one of the team will be summoned to begin emergency procedures.


What can I do to help mitigate any water/flood related issues?

A letter is being sent to all homeowners with specific information about maintenance obligations for homeowners. Please refer to your la Vita Membership Handbook for all details. Plumbing related preventative maintenance that should be addressed immediately includes:

Shower Cartridge: If your shower is leaking, chattering, is hard to turn on or off, or you experience hot or cold water issues, your shower cartridge needs to be changed. If your cartridge has never been changed please have a plumber to do immediately! Have the plumber check the integral stops. If the stops don’t turn or stop the water from flowing, they will need to be replaced as well. Notify the management office so that a stack water shut-off can be scheduled!

Angle Stops: Check angle stops (shut off valves) to make sure they turn on and off. These stops are located at toilets, under sinks, washing machine, and also the ice makers. If the stops don’t turn they must be replaced along. Also change all hoses to braided stainless hoses. You will need to schedule a water shutoff for the stack.

Drains: Please make sure your drains are not clogged and they are working properly.  If the drains are draining slowly, please call your plumber.


With summer upon us, the barbecue grills are getting a workout! Here are a few reminders about barbecue etiquette. Remember, barbecue nooks are first come, first served and cannot be reserved/saved.
Glass is allowed in the BBQ nooks only –please use caution and keep glass off of the courtyard grass and pool area. Make sure the barbecues are cleaned off, and the nooks are tidy for your neighbors when you are done.

And a final note, the la Vita Rules & Regulations prohibits any one group from monopolizing a Common Area. Make sure if you need additional chairs or tables for a larger group – bring your own so that your neighbors will have full access. We all thank you!


Garage etiquette: As summer approaches, a reminder that when entering or exiting the garage, please use the mirror to check the ramps and corners. Also, if you are going UP the ramp, please stop and yield to those coming down the ramp, as the views coming down are impaired.

Watch your speed in the garage, and while entering and exiting the garage. Speed limit is 5mph.
Bicycles: When entering the garage please use caution and avoid excess speed on the ramp. Do not assume the right-of-way.


Shredding pick-up dates: July 3rd, July 31st